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Himalayan Sanctuary Resort Hotel and Restaurant in Terai Chitwan in Nepal Asia. Situated in the Conservation of Wildlife area in the Royal Chitwan National Park in Nepal Asia, the Hotel and Resort organize offers and deals to travel in the famous Royal Chitwan National Park World Heritage site of UNESCO. Elephant safari to meet Rhinoceros,and other species of wild animals, jungle walk, jeep safari or canoeing,boating and dug-out safari on the Narayani river into the wild. Far from crowed cities like Kathmandu you will find peace and stillness into wildlife of the Narayani shores. Destination of nature, adventure, wildlife in Asia.

Himalayan Sanctuary Hotel Resort et Restaurant dans le Terai a Chitwan au Nepal en Asie. Situe dans la zone de conservation de la vie sauvage du Parc Royal National de Chitwan au Nepal en Asie, l'Hotel et Resort organise des offres et forfaits pour un voyage de nature dans le celebre Parc National de Chitwan avec vue sur la chaine de montagne des Himalayas.

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