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  1. Erick Gibson

    Erick Gibson Plus NYC | DC | 東京 | HNL


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    Professional still photographer and cinematographer. Rock Climb. Skateboard. Existential Soldier, travel fiend + life journalist. Every day is bonus round. My true masterpieces are the days I live.

  2. Mikkel Mainz Elkjær

    Mikkel Mainz Elkjær


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    Mikkel is a director and an animator who loves to show storytelling by using the visual storytelling and exaggerate animation and humour in a fun and daring way. He is starting up a company with Kenneth Ladekjaer and Bo Juhl who also graduated the same year. They will focus on animation and try to push…

  3. Lora D'Addazio
  4. Paul Riccio
  5. Lucid Inc.

    Lucid Inc. PRO Seattle, WA


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    Lucid Inc. is the studio led by Anna Sandilands & Ewan McNicol, an American and English filmmaking duo who have been working together since 2005.

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