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  1. Very nice...content...something started to show and it showed your biggest fear and you destroyed it. That's an opinion not a fact. I've seen this before in my own work but it isn't easy to see it in your own work.
  2. icreate commented on Marino
    works for me
  3. love it love it and love it hate me hate me not for loving it not for loving it for not doing it ;)
  4. love animation; love jazz and love your work.
  5. I love it...to help understand Mr. Scott's intent you might want to watch his video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEJ4tVAki8E The bottom line it is about Thomas Kinkade work that was described as "so awful it must be seen to be believed.
  6. Man...I loved, liked and all that jazz this video so much, so very much that I had to get a new password just to write this. I have been interested in roadside gravemarkers for years now that I'm retired I might do something with it. I live in…
  7. icreate commented on M.I.A, Born Free
    As a retired middle school art teacher, what's the big deal. That's how we get the little darlings to class.