Stephanie Hope Daalling

I live in TX for the time being.

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Hi Im Stephanie, but you can call me Hope. I like that better because its meaningful.

I like to draw a lot.
I also like to sew, crochet, taking photos and anything creative.
I absolutely love music.

When I was a teenager i use to film home video skits while cosplaying.
(dressing up as your favorite character from books/movies/cartoons/etc)
it was fun while it lasted

Then I grew up and started doing vlogs. mostly moments when i use to go to cosplay meet ups and conventions, family moments too and anything happy.

things went down hill and I haven't cosplayed since.

I have many dreams:
comic book artist
video game creative director
photography and videography

One or two of those dreams is fine.

I never went to school because I have learning disabilities so I self teach myself and was taught by my mom while being home schooled most of my life.
I started at 7 ended at 18 and never and couldn't pass 6th grade.

Well, that was me.

PS: Im so glad i was home schooled.


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