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Born and raised near London, England. I am currently in my late twenties (although people always tell me that I look alot younger - which is only a good thing as far as I'm concerned).
I attended Gloucestershire University for 4 years (including industrial work placement year) from the age of 19 to 23. Although the academic side of things was a challenge that I didn't like very much, I really enjoyed living on my own for 4 years - I would definately do it again given the chance.
I was recently made redundant from my job in Human Resources - which i loved :( and I am still trying to secure a new job. During my time off I have started to read alot of books, something that i have never done out of choice before now, and I have gotten hooked on the Twilight saga books, True blood books and also another vampire series called House of Night by PC & Kristen Cast. Watching the Twilight movie in 2008 was what got me interested in all the vampire stuff to begin with, and i didn't know that Twilight was even based on books until after watching it in the cinema a couple of times. I have been watching True blood since it started showing in the UK in July 09 and I love it!! I have recently ordered myself all the Charlaine Harris books that the series is based on as i am to impatient to wait until the shows get put on TV to find out what happens.
I also love the following current TV shows: Lost, Smallville, Heroes, 24, Fringe, Ugly Betty, Chuck. My favourite show used to be Charmed - I have all the box sets.
When I am not reading, watching TV, going down the gym or on the internet I will be spending time with my lovely boyfriend that I have been with for 6 years now. Although he doesn't share my passion for all things vampire, we do enjoy alot of the same movies (especially comedies with people like Will Farrel, Adam Sandler; or Sci-fi action films like X-men, Iron man, Transformers, Terminator). Other than the usual interest in Cars and watching Top Gear, my boyfriend also has a love for all things WWE Wrestling, and he even got me to go along to Wrestlemania xxiv in Orlando Florida with him - I actually quite enjoyed it.


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