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  1. Wow, this is the BEST of your best! I felt like I was there:)! You did a great job of capturing the essence of the people and the place. Look forward to more:).
  2. Wow, this is wonderful! No doubt Charlie will soar:)! What a wonderful keepsake for your family.
  3. Jennifer Parker commented on Amberay
    Thanks Michael, we were fortunate to have been missed by the tornadoes. However, the devastation was beyond belief. Onward and upward you go. We're looking forward to seeing more from you and hearing Jo's original score.
  4. Jennifer Parker commented on Amberay
    You certainly captured the mood...very mysterious. Well done, Michael...can't wait to see what you share from Iceland! No doubt color would be stunning too, but a much different feel.
  5. Super! Look forward to more:).
  6. Cheers to Paul and Dylan, I too thought of Baraka while watching this film. Love the eyes of the people, especially the children. With every film, It just gets better. What will 2013 hold for you? Much, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Nice work, Michael. Always good to see your work! Cheers Jenn
  8. How did I overlook this one? Lovely and tranquil! Love your work with the dolly and the wonderful closing scene. A nice break from our 100F temps here in Oklahoma. Can't wait for our autumn and another video when you return from Bali. Seriously?…