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Bogotá, Colombia

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They studied Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá and received the degree as visual artists with an emphasis in audiovisual and graphic expression.

After directing several short films in college, in 2005 they
directed their first music video, for the New York band Una Via, which showed their interest in topics such as pain, anxiety and other human feelings assumed as "negative”.

The short films they wrote and directed in 2007 and 2008 have been shown in different countries such as England, Germany, Turkey, Mexico and had been outlined in important international newspapers and webpages such as the Taraf of Turkey and The Guardian of London, where the short Unheimlich, which Juan Manuel made as his graduation project, was listed as one of the best short films of the Internet in August 2008. Their work has received wide acceptance and recognition. They had received awards for best sound design at the International short film festival El Espejo in Bogota, and has been in the official selection of film festivals like Low Budget film festival in Cuba and the International film Festival Invitro Visual that takes place in Bogota. At this festival they are also the coordinators and moderators of the music video section.

This line of work reiterate their interest in the area of artistic experimentation in different media, especially in the field of music video in which they have a great knowledge.


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