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Welcome to “OurHome Europe” - Wang Leehom's official European fan club!

At OurHome Europe, founded in 2008, we truly believe that Leehom's music has international appeal, despite his songs being in Chinese, and thus this European fan club and our website was set up.

We are working on translating all (yes, all!) of Leehom's songs into English and providing the pinyin lyrics for those of you who want to sing along but can’t read Chinese characters!

Most of the action takes place here in this facebook group but please visit our main website: wei-yi.co.uk for important news and translations of songs!

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to tell your friends about OurHome Europe, join our discussions and help bring Leehom to Europe ^^

OurHome Europe

大家好!欢迎你到王力宏的欧洲粉丝团! (OurHome Europe)- 这是王力宏欧洲的官方粉丝团。
大多数的新闻和议论在这里发生,但是我们也欢迎你到本站 wei-yi.co.uk 探索!

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