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Manchester, United Kingdom

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My name is Michael Ducker, I am a student at the University of Salford
studying 3D Animation. I specialise in one of the most interesting roles of
3D Animation "3D modelling". I have a huge passion for creating characters
and objects.

I hope to be the best that I can be when modelling characters and objects, the program that I am most comfortable with is Autodesk Maya. I have a strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. I like to try and improve my skills in both Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Maya.

My strengths lie within my creativity, I like to get the job done as soon as possible as that keeps me active and possibly improve my current techniques, I class myself as an independent individual when working with a team.

My weakness is simply my comprehension, I would like the simplest explanation of what is needed from me.

External Links

  • Mr3DModeller - My account, holding my portfolio.
  • Mr3DModeller - My website on wix.com. This website is a source which contains everything that I make.


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