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I'm Aaron Perala, a.k.a. the Film Freak, and these are my videos!

I've been making home made movies since 2007, but didn't start presenting them to the public until 2011. I like making "creative comedy" videos and making people laugh. I also make films for fun. To some, my videos come off as cheap looking... But it's the thought that counts. It's the ideas I put behind them that make them entertaining to watch. It's what I think up.

I do a wide variety of films, both live action and animated, but never together like 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' or 'Cool World.' If I had the strength, I would. Or the patience...

I write, film, direct, edit, animate and sometimes feature myself in all of my work, and though I may not have much to show at the moment... I hope to continue doing films and show the world what I can do! But for now, I'm just a guy who's doing this at his own leisure.

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