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  1. Deus Amsterdam
  2. Caitlin Van Horn
  3. Feel Good Lost
  4. Hillman Curtis
  5. ism studios
  6. BATHS
  7. MaricorMaricar
  8. aida azlin
  9. joehollier
  10. Julia Pott
  11. SuicideGirls
  12. Anis Mojgani
  13. Tomas Leach
  14. Atif Ateeq
  15. Black Cab Sessions
  16. To Write Love on Her Arms.
  17. COACD
  18. Andrea Dorfman

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  1. Hello from Singapore! Found your DGR video and I've featured it on a compilation of DGR 2014 videos on a local e-mag. Hope that's fine with you! :-)