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Flavio Fanasca , was born in Rome , where he lives and works in his studio Sound Village, an industrial loft inspired by musicians, bands and songwriters.
Funsca is the name of art, writes songs and composes music as a child , and has participated as a singer in festivals , competitions , contests and many live .
He plays the piano in his productions but it is usual that registers even the acoustic guitar and bass.
It ' singer , composer and author.
Music : Indie pop, alternative rock and pop-rock .
Funsca is a songwriter and composer , with a background that ranges from creative to production. It ' an idealistic , sensitive, and fought in his songs is philosophical themes , social and sentimental .
He composes his own songs weaving melodies are simple and functional with harmonies pop / rock , sad , sweet , energetic and functional , combining the sounds of guitars and pianos to electronic sounds .
His singing is born with a thin veil melancholy but then spreads with confidence and energy.


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