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Ozcare is a leading not-for-profit organisation of professional and caring individuals delivering innovative and superior health and human services to our community.

At Ozcare, we are proud of our ability to provide exceptional aged care and community care, incorporating health and support services to over 15,000 Queenslanders.

Our services are flexible – we understand that everyone’s needs are different so we offer a wide range of services from over 60 locations that can be tailored to suit individuals.

Services include: aged care living at our ten modern residential aged care facilities throughout Queensland, assisted living at home, respite care, nursing, allied health, dementia support and a range of services to support people to address issues related to homelessness, domestic violence, drug and alcohol problems, mental health and more.

For more information, support and access to services, simply call 1800 Ozcare (1800 692 273) to speak with a helpful staff member.

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