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Hello. My name is Kimberly, I am 43 years old, growing younger all the time. My two favorite things in life is laughing and writing. In the past two years I am so grateful as I began to write and found i felt better. Writing is very healing, and I have much writing to do.

Goals; To put a face that reflects women and defining that with the disease of drugs and alcoholism as well as mental illness. One of those faces happen to be mine.

I am a recovering Heroin and Cocaine addict of 24 years myself and used needles for 22 of those years. I also struggle with bipolar and have a Borderline Personality Disorder.

Strange as it sounds, all these struggles were gifts that brought me to a place of ongoing Recovery and finally Freedom.

My favorite movies would be Training Day and Breakfast at Tiffany's. I live in Toronto Canada, am divorced and finding my 40's by far the best years yet.

With grade 8 education I do struggle with writing very much but I am learning and thankfully I don't think we are graded with songs and poetry quite the same way as with say a book, which I hope to publish by Christmas.

I want to be a Lyricist so you will find most my work has been translated to poetry for bearable lengths and their chorus.

I was sent an angel in my life, he just happens to be a Dude, wears all black and a ponytail. He saved my life and the only reason I am lucky enough to be typing right now, is all due to him. God Bless

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