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14| Female | animator | single | Australian
hi! I'm Misty! I am usually pretty anti social in rf but I'm always happy to talk to someone here on da! I love animation, it is like the meaning of life for me and its what i do when i should be doing other things like choirs and homework :'D I mostly draw my ocs and warrior cats. I usually animate more warrior cats then draw single pictures. Cats are my favrouite animals but i love made up animals. I am working on my animated series which is Mapleshades story so basically i made a backstory for mapleshade from warriors which explains everything and I'm currently working on the script and minor character designs. I love listening to music when I'm working especially my chemical romance. I dont have too much friends in rl and it takes a very long time for me to trust people because I've had a bad past. But when i get used to you i will often bother you and ill happily talk to you, just send me a note and ill reply as soon as possible! problem is time zones are annoying but i dont mind staying up too late unless i have a test and such. I love looking at other peoples art and animations, Rea, Leon and hullurichie are like gods their art is so amazing i can't even, i hope to be like them one day. That reminds me I have big plans for the future, i want to work for disney and be a character animator. But I've also been doing a lot research for 3d animation and claymation because i definitely want to try them out!
Anyway I've been talking for too long ill shut up now

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  • deviantart - i always upload art and animations and updates ^^
  • youtube - i upload all my animations here
  • twitter - i barely use this but since i have it i may as well put it here