Sini Haapalinna

Helsinki, FINLAND

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Live & Media Artist / Performer
Sini Haapalinna (1975, Helsinki, Finland)

is an artist who's work is based on continuous exploration of awareness in the sensations & embodied experiences of space, time, kinesthetics, technology & emptiness. She uses mixed media for creating transdisciplinary, immersive environments and creative atmospheres for performative actions, collective processes and spontaneous events to take place. She is interested in art&science -practices, practices of fine tuning the perceptions, consciousness, movement, body-mind, meditative practices, generativity, mindfulness, interconnectivity & impermanence.

Sini Haapalinna has collaborated extensively with artists from different fields & backgrounds, with scientists, experts & activists, and with many experimental art collectives eg. Voukkoset, ProImpro, 3rd Side´Specific, Maus&Orlovski, TransFluxCollective.
She has studied cultural anthropology in Helsinki University, Dance & Performing Arts in Outokumpu Vocational Institute, Dance Departement, Finland, Performance Art and Theory in Theatre Academy of Helsinki and Buddhist Philosophy & Meditation in various dharma centers in India, Sri Lanka & Nepal.

Sini Haapalinna was showcased as one of the few debutants chosen from across the arts spectrum of 2010 by Helsinki Festival, as being young, fresh and talented artist, at a highly dynamic point in her live and professional career, emboding in her works a glimpse into the future, a taster of what's to come.


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