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Originally trained in France as an environmental engineer with a strong background in media and communication, Fred has been involved as a marine scientist in a variety of remote field based projects ranging from tropical reef monitoring to Antarctic ecology. Fred’s PhD research focused on monitoring signals of climate change in the breeding habitats of Antarctic seabirds and gave her a wealth of experience with operating in both Antarctic and Sub - Antarctic environments, with 13 consecutive summers and 3 winters (2 Antarctic and 1 Sub Antarctic winter).

In parallel, she worked as an environmental engineer, wilderness photographer, expedition guide, lecturer and commercial skipper. She has been involved in documentary production since 2004 as logistic support/camera/sound, all projects field based as she enjoys team work and the challenge of being autonomous in remote conditions and especially filming wildlife. Fred has all the field skills required for underwater and topside operation. Major credits are BBC Planet Earth (overwintering Emperor penguin shoot), BBC science "Earth a Biography", BBC "South Pacific" (Macquarie Island and reaching remote Anuta and Tikopia islands in the Solomon Islands and crocodile shoots), several Australian ABC and SBS programs, some historical conservation productions, education media for the Marovo Lagoon communities (Solomon Islands), and also supporting a diverse range of local productions on Tasmania's natural environment such as the Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project, Tasman Island Cat Eradication, the story on the disappearance of Tasmanian environmentalist and Lake Pedder campaigner Brenda Hean, and a follow-up on mine related river water contamination in the West of the State.

In February 2013, Fred returned from a second overwintering year-long trip in Antarctica filming Emperor Penguins for BBC series “Spy in the Huddle” and has since continued working with John Downer Productions on BBC "Spy in the Pod - Dolphins".


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