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I am a senior creative designer and digital art director just about to embark on my 7th year in the industry. I've recently left my post as Lead Designer and Head of Studio at The Minimart to concentrate on personal projects. At The Minimart I oversaw all design output and lead small team of talented designers and developers over projects in various environments and platforms. I strive to deliver creative ideas executed at their very best based on a strategic thought process, absolute fervour for current trends in the industry and with a tiny sprinkling of "I know this seems completely mad, but it might just work."

I'm currently taking a year long break from the design and advertising industry to follow a pursue a personal art project. I am now being represented by Gallery One-and-a-Half and my first exhibition - Horrorgami will be showing on the 31st October and run for 2 week. If you are interested to know more about my art please follow my twitter or visit paperdandy.co.uk.

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