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  1. Your video was very informative and it was presented very creatively. You explained how opals formed very well and in great detail. :)
  2. Your video had a lot of great information with visuals to help show the science. You explained how the flightless birds were only found in the countries which formed Gondwanaland in great detail through biological evidence. :D
  3. Your information was explained in great detail. The diagrams were very effective in conveying the links between countries around the world through fossil records. :)
  4. Your video was presented very creatively and it was very interesting to learn about opals in Australia and how they formed. The visuals enhanced your video and helped explain the science clearly. :)
  5. Your video was presented very creatively with lots of great information. The information clearly showed the links between the rock formations and fossil records between the east of South America and Africa. I really liked the paper scrunching idea! :)
  6. Your video had a lot of clear information which clearly showed how opals formed. It was also very interesting to learn that Australia used to have an inland sea. Your video was presented very nicely! :)
  7. Your video was present very well though the use of the white board. You explained how the Andes formed very well and your diagrams helped to show this. It was a really good video and had a great amount of detail. :)