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Eustaquio is born in Mexico City, later on goes abroad to study Filmmaking at the University of Westminster, London England. Photography College of Art Desing Plymonth, specializing in writing and directing at New York Film Academy. He held jobs in film development Robert Evans Company, Paramount Pictures, USA. Worked in film production for New Line Pictures Productions, Hallmark, BBC documnetaires chanel, UK. He has directed commercials for chains like Liverpool, Mexico’s biggest departamental store. In addition He want on to produce music videos for renowned artists as: Jose and Joe, Chenoa, Nikki Clan and others. Currently has six features documentaries, distributed on Blockbuster, Mixup, and his latest long-documentary entitled "GIVE EARTH A CHANCE" will shew in over 15 festivals around the world, be released soon iat room Julian Carrillo Radio UNAM National University of México, (mexico's bigest university).. A young director icommitted to the environment of our planet,


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