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ya, my name is Jarred Gibb.

I am currently in the final year of my degree in Sound Engineering and Design at SSR Manchester, having previously lived, worked and studied in Edinburgh.

Alongside studying audio for the past four years I have also worked for a number of studios and as a freelance. I had my first job in a studio when I was fourteen and over five years worked my way from studio assistant to lead engineer. I have also done a fair amount of live/rigging.

I have recorded many diverse musical styles, from bands such as Bwani Junction, The Winter Tradition and The Minister’s Cat, to the Wind Ensemble of the Scottish Royal Conservatoire. I have also made a small name for myself in the Edinburgh scene for feeder recordings.

Having spent several years working on mixing and recording I decided that I wished to make the move into post-production, so moved to sunny Manchester to do some learning and get some letters after my name.

I am currently working on the pre-production for my first professional film

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