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Athens, GREECE

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Pantelis Makkas (Greece, b. 1976) studied photography and fine arts in Athens and Prague, and at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands. In 2005/2007 he was resident at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. From 2009 he undertakes his PhD with the university of Leiden and the PhDArts. His work deals with video/film installations and performances. His last works were the result of a long period of research into amnesia, memory loss, and the way in which memory works in blind and deaf people. He believes that “memory is a field where past, present and future coexist in the same moment. In essence, the recalling of a memory is an action proceeding into the future rather than into the past. The moment we recall a past experience or event, memory comes into operation and takes us from the present moment into the future.”


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