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Yung Saintz are an hip-hop duo with a brand new approach: Unlike most of the stereotype-driven rap scene, this pair of performers set out to make music with a positive mindset.

Their sound is a great compromise between energetic beats, catchy and uplifting melodies as well as smart, challenging and witty lyrics. With such a sonic formula, Yung Saintz are one of those rare artists that can amuse you and make you think, at once.
These rappers are not afraid to sing about their life experiences and about their Christian upbringing, delivering lyrics that face topics such as the ever-challenging pursuit of truth, and the incredible journey and struggle of life itself.

The great thing about Yung Saintz is their ability to make the listener at ease with these topics, matching them with an eclectic approach and blending their hip hop with gospel, jazz, dance and more, reaching a wide fanbase with their great charisma.

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