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Kali has spent her life climbing out of boxes – as soon as she is labeled and packaged – time to climb.

She dreams of the making the complete art work - *gesamtkunstwerk – it will be all things to everybody and will use all of her skills.

She loves nothing better than listening to people’s stories which she records in various mediums and then shapes them into moving stories and vignettes.

Kali renamed herself after the powerful Indian goddess of creation and destruction Duality is limiting.

Kali loves exploring the hidden and the taboo, if you are not supposed to go there, she will. She is in search of the unmentionable, the unwatchable, the untouchable.

She is a filmmaker, artist, sculptor, printmaker, photographer, graphic designer, new media installation artist and sound designer.

She collaborates with other wild women in unusual erotic explorations.

Strange ideas come to her late at night. Sometimes she takes these ideas for a stroll in the real world. Like the one using the arsehole to explore male constructs around intimacy, shame, identity, sexuality and the ownership society creates over the body.

Left to her own devices she trains them on her body. Kali continually finds new ways of looking at herself. Familiar body parts filmed from unusual angles can become shocking and titillating. Her explorations, play with perceptions Things are not what they appear to be.

She uses the medium of light to make the depths of her soul visible in mythological self-portraits.

The variety and nature of her explorations does not place her any particular world. She continues to play in between the boxes.

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