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Creator, Jerry Terrence, was inspired seeing the “Carpetbaggers”. This 1964 hit movie, was just the spark Jerry needed to create something special. It must have been kismet: his family owned a Los Angeles carpet company. And the idea to convert carpet remnants into handbags was born. Jerry began his endeavor by hiring a team of workers to hand sew remnants together. It wasn’t long before Jerry was selling out of his Carpet Bags and gaining media coverage in over 25 national magazines, 122 national and local television shows, 186 radio stations and 164 metropolitan & local newspapers. Women’s Wear Daily featured a story on the phenomenon, “The California Carpetbagger”. The line expanded quickly. He was soon purchasing carpet in several colors, patterns and textures. Today, as Jerry begins the re-launch of the Original Jerry Terrence Carpet Bags Collection, the vintage feel and look still evoke the fond memories and feelings of the past.

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