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Luceo Images is a photographic cooperative formed in 2007.  The six founding members came together during a time of industry transition that has impacted the way that imagery is created, distributed and consumed.  What unites Luceo is a common belief that, through these times of change, the still image continues to be relevant.  We believe that history is something that extends beyond the news-cycle and that ordinary people and personal struggle are avenues through which we can explore the bigger issues facing our world.   

To this end, we understand photography to be a complex medium capable of delivering emotional layers that go beyond the factual record of people, places, events, and issues.  The photograph is as much an argument to the heart as it is to the mind and the process of creating images is to have one foot on each side of that gap  Our work shares a common respect for this balance.

Luceo believes that photographers need support.  Not just the financial support of clients, but professional support and feedback from other working photographers.  In pursuit of this higher goal, Luceo operates not only to promote our work for commercial sale, but also actively encourages the completion of significant projects for their own sake.

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