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I try to use only public domain images.

All videos are made in the USA, by volunteers. Lauran08 are not employees. All content used in the videos, is simply Artistic Interpretation and/or fall under the “Free Use” US Copyright Laws. This has been true since the start of these videos -- some 3+ years ago.

In 2009, I went on my very first pilgrimage, and it changed my life. I experienced things that I cannot explain, not even with my science background. I believe it was then, that the Good Lord got my full attention -- 'cause I humbly asked Him to.

I am a Non-Charismatic, Roman Catholic.

We are trying to make videos from "Messages" that are being given to a lady in Europe. We found out about these messages in early 2011, and feel the need to make them known; henceforth, the use of this particular medium.

There may come a time when these videos may be restricted. These messages need to be seen now, while there is still time.


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