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Ernestas Sadaunikas (known as 'Ernestas Sadau') was born in Lithuania's techno capital Utena in 1984. All his childhood he spent in the sounds of his parents favourite music. His father loved The Doors and mother was the biggest fan of Donna Summer. In 1994 The Prodigy released their album called "Music for Jilted Generation". This was one of the main starts in Ernestas' music taste formation. Later on he became crazy about the British electronic group called Autechre and bought all their vinyls. However, over ten years of experience in playing techno music with such stars as Gilles Smith, Apparat, Mandy, Ben Klock, Swayzak,Vincent Watson, Peter Van Hoesen, Dasha Rush etc, he has developed his music taste into the wider space. In 2005 Ernestas joined the organizing team of electronic music festival "Supynes" (eng. 'swings') and one year latter became a member of group. In 2009he moved to London where he has played with Luke Vibert, Chris Liberator, Nax Acid etc, and has been invited to the "Freerotation" festival (Shackleton, Dj Bone, Move D,Ramadanmann, Mur Mur,Efdemin, etc.).
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