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FoneFrenzy was started due to my fanatical obsession with mobile technology. My co-workers and I were on IM all day long and I was searching for a new cell phone. Over the next year, I became acquainted with various news sites and blogs around the web and would send IM’s to my friends throughout the day about various mobile technology. Then I noticed that my friends started asking me questions and I would be able to find this or that information they requested. So my friends said, “you need to start a blog.” Then one day earlier this year, I decided to just start with a twitter page, and start reporting the news. This went on for a while and I built a small but loyal following.

Then I met Philip with through my Twitter account and he turned my obsession into an actual website I can write about the Palm Pre. Shortly after working with PreThinking, I met up with Yves from and received an opportunity to write about iPhone enterprise business applications that are upcoming or already on the market.

My goal with this site is to provide readers with as much information in Mobile Technology and to allow you to make your own judgments and decisions. I plan on having my own, non-biased, reviews of Cell Phones and other Mobile and Wireless products.

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