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The Netherlands

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Aurimas Bavarskis was born into a family of radio engineers in Siauliai, Lithuania on 27 March 1983. As a kid he attended several music school where he acquired the basics of music theory and performing instruments. When he was a teenager he started a rock band with which he performed over a hundred underground gigs. Growing interest in contemporary music led him to Reykjavik, Iceland, where there is a buzzing and lively art scene. Looking for better means of expression Aurimas Bavarskis started to use Computer extensively for making music. In 2007/2008 he did a one year course in the Institute of Sonology in the Royal Conservatoire, the Hague, the Netherlands. The comity of teachers there let him skip two years of the bachelor degree, therefore at the moment Aurimas Bavarskis is in his last year of the Sonology bachelor program. Until now he has presented a few electroacoustic tape pieces in various galleries and halls. Also, he has been developing a computerized on-stage system for prepared piano. Two main interests of Aurimas Bavarskis are various sound synthesis techniques and interactive systems for live performance.

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