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chennai, INDIA

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Animator and Visual effects artist from chennai, India.


  1. The Batchman
  2. LightRay FX
  3. Marino Strinavic
  4. Universal Production Partners
  5. Vladimir Abramov
  6. hashem alshaer
  7. M-motion
  8. RealtimeUK
  9. imagefiction
  10. Nicola
  11. Terminal FX
  12. Fix Studio
  13. Subbu Addanki
  14. junkiLee
  15. Igor Zanic
  16. Toufik Mekbel
  17. Garry Runke
  18. Justin van der Lek

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  1. Yes i got many from this. Further any clearifications I will contact you..
  2. Oh great one... I always get struck with rendering as particle spheres. I always get blobby look..
  3. Really nice,,Thank you so much guys for sharing...
  4. Really nice Luis. waiting for the tutorial.. How did u render B&F .. You meshed it or as particle spheres. ????