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What is atoms&bits Festival?

atoms&bits are the smallest elements in our modern society. This is what the atoms&bits Festival is all about: how we change society bit by bit, atom by atom – organized through the Internet with real world results. a&b is a meet up for visionaries, tinkerers, activists, geeks, and artists – in short, everyone that celebrates a new culture of collective endeavor and do-it-yourself.

The five themes that everything revolves around are:

1. a fresh desire to tinker and make (DIY)
2. new forms of work (Coworking)
3. a new culture of openness (OpenEverything)
4. politics
5. arts & culture (Art of Production of Art) well as internet culture as the binding element that enabled all this in the first place.

atoms&bits Festival is a decentralized event that stretches over 10 days (September 18-27th). Individual events are taking place in different locations from Berlin to Brooklyn, from Munich to Montreal. The festival will reach beyond the physical boundaries of the event, allowing participation throughout the world.

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