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“Africa”, aka Kromanteng (Pronounced Kro-man-ting) as translated by Africans in Africa, as well as the diaspora, equates to the english word “rebel”.
Kromanteng’s childhood was spent between Accra, Ghana and various American cities(Atlanta, Gainesville FL, Seattle, Baton Rouge LA, New York, D.C)...His early musical influences came fom his father’s record collection. Names such as Osibisa, Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, Johnny Coltrane, Nat King Cole, Kurtis Blow, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Surpremes, Gregory Isaacs, Bob Marley, Sugarhill Gang, L.L. Cool J, New Edition, Whitney Houston etc.
Kromanteng had found a genuine interest in writing lyrical verses that challenged the mind. At the age of 14 he started using the name Peep Skillz. At the age of 15, Kromanteng was sent to boarding school in Accra, Ghana. While in Ghana, he connected with the local Hip-Hop scene. He started doing shows with the likes of Reggie Rockstone, Talking Drums, Cy Lover, Kwa-C etc... Upon his return to the States, Kromanteng was blessed to find out that his next door neighbor was C-Murder. He started passing out No Limit flyers and t-shirts, working for Tru Records in street promotions. During this time, Kromanteng won his high school talent show, and created a local buzz with energetic shows and an original sound. He started opening up shows for David Banner’s group Crooked Lettaz, as well as The Youngbloodz, The Ill Relatives and Steve Austin . After high school, Kromanteng met the Southwest regional representative for Ruff Ryders Records who offered him a position as his assistant. After his tenure with Ruff Ryders, he floated around different states trying to find a creative home doing shows in small clubs and collaborating with other artist. In 2003 he was offered an internship at Universal Music Group under Kojo Bentil (Senior Vice President), in the business development division. After Universal, he served as part of Max Minelli’s management team for a short time. At which time he was asked by the President of Slang Game Records to join the label as the Vice president. Kromanteng oversaw the full roster of artist as well as the day to day operations of the label. He left the label in 2005. From that time until present day, Kromanteng has been perfecting his craft as a recording and performing artist as well as investing his time as the CEO of Open Gutta Entertainment (a division of the Gold Coast Music Group), which is a full service online mixed media company based in Miami Beach, FL. Kromanteng has released his first single “I Know A Place” featuring Nisha off of his debut EP entitled “THE GHAMERICAN EP”.
“Open Gutta is a movement not just the music, a mentality not just a thought.......”


  1. Sean Paul (Sean P) Youngbloodz