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“DJ Missill, one of the hottest new female jocks on the international circuit. Her genre-busting blend is a fine snapshot of the assorted urban styles she mixes up in a typical dj set.Ill beats and vibes is what she’s all about.Fire!” DJ Mag (UK)

“France’s Missill is reportedly one of europe’s most exciting dj’s.” Time Off Mag ( Australia)

“ The incredibly talented Missill is France’s most exciting young dj.” KissFM (UK)

DJ, graffic designer, graffiti writer, producer and all round sensory terrorist.

Missill, “the urban punk”, is here to destroy all those readymade ideas you might have about DJing. Her style has been described as a “sense-shredding orgy of electro, hiphop booty, techno, bass music, rock, and more”.

Her passion for all things hip hop (she is a jack of all trades dabbling in graffiti, graphic design, production, her own clothes designs and the list goes on) is translated through her fingertips in her DJ sets and her energy fuels the ever mesmerised crowds.

Having burst onto the global scene with her amazing performances and 2 albums and 2 mix (MASHUP-TARGETS-MIXSHAKE-KAWAII)

Missill has spent the last few years playing over 700 gigs at every major French, and countless European festivals. With a sound so versatile that she can fit happily between all types of acts or DJs she has entertained crowds of up to 25,000, toured the world (over 35 countries across the 5 continents) and built up a dedicated fanbase thanks to her innovative and dynamic style