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  1. Describes scaffolding in the context of teaching the concept of scientific inquiry. This is a complex concept for any student, not only EL students, and the strategy described could be used with any student.
  2. This strategy is a team activity that engages all students and is fun for them as well. Nice modifications for different levels, and the summary at the end is a great closure for your demonstration.
  3. What a useful strategy that provides a resource for future reference too. Being in Elementary School I would combine it with their own drawings of the definitions. Thanks Crystal!
  4. Nice usage of multiple types of technology to explain your strategy. The presentation on the screen aids in the understanding of the purpose of visual scaffolding.
  5. Crystal this video is a good presentation of the SDAIE Word Chart. The example of steaming was a good one to choose since we all have seen some cooking and we have gotten angry before. Thanks for sharing.