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  1. RAPHA

    RAPHA PRO Intercontinental


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    Road racing is the toughest and most beautiful sport in the world. It makes enormous physical and psychological demands on road riders. They need clothing that is as well designed as their titanium or carbon fibre road bike. Rapha products bring new standards of design to cycling clothing. They have…

  2. In The Crosshairs

    In The Crosshairs PRO Washington, D.C.


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    For more CXHairs action check out www.cxhairs.com and http://cxhairs.tumblr.com/. Follow on Twitter @CXHairs. And if you want, help support the cause and buy some kickin' gear: http://www.crosshairscycling.com/shop/

  3. Jay Bird Films

    Jay Bird Films Plus Tucson, AZ


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    I'm want to capture interesting stories, whether it be a fragment or a long tale, through films or photos, digital and analog.

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