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Manuel was born to an artistic family in Rome, Italy.
His late mother was an avid painter and illustrator, his father,
was the late Anthony Steffen, famed actor and hero of the
Italian spaghetti western genre. Manuel first breathed
cinematic air on the sets of his father's films and absorbing these atmospheres he soon grew very fond of
everything related to the cinema.

At the young age of 15, he attended
the First Italian Animation Academy, the glorious VLR Graphic Cartoons
directed by Vito Lo Russo and Luca Raffaelli, under their steady guidance he learned the crafts of
screenwriting, storyboarding and editing.

After completing his studies in scenography at the Roman Academy of Fine Arts,
in film direction at Angelicum University - C.I.S.O.P., and tv advertising under the
tutelage of Director Angelo d'Alessandro at MIF, Manuel began work at Teatro
Eliseo in Rome as Assistant Director to Michele Placido, Giuliana De Sio,
Rossella Falk, Patrick Guinand, Teodoro Cassano, Enrico Maria La Manna. Then he finally made his debut as
a director with a play produced by Francesco Bellomo at Teatro Manzoni in Rome.

Determined to finish his theatrical experience, having mastered the art of
directing actors, at age of 25 he focused on his only true interest: film
direction. After an interesting experience on George Lucas' "Star Wars" set in
Caserta, Manuel realized that the fundamental importance of media is to convey
truth and beauty. He then went on to specialize in documentaries, advertisments,
and music videos, traveling extensively throughout the world.

As a professor at the University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Manuel taught for five years "Film direction and editing".

For the past three years, he has written and sold
scripts for feature films.
At the moment he is working on three feature films and divides his time between Europe and the United States.


Manuel de Teffé è un regista/sceneggiatore esperto in campagne pubblicitarie per enti no profit , video musicali internazionali e documentari.
Negli ultimi anni ha lavorato sviluppando progetti cinematografici e televisivi per la New Land Films (For Greater Glory), Madeleine production, Dog's Life, Lux Vide, 09 produzioni.

Nato in una famiglia di artisti, sua madre pittrice, suo padre l'Anthony Steffen eroe di numerosi spaghetti western, Manuel ha respirato aria cinematografica sin da bambino.

Dopo aver frequentato la scuola di cinema d'animazione VLR graphic production, l'accademia di Belle arti in Roma indirizzo scenografia, e il Movie International Forum (scuola cinematografica di Angelo D'alessandro) , Manuel lavora al Teatro Eliseo come assistente alla regia di Michele Placido, Giuliana De Sio, Rossella Falk, Teodoro Cassano, Patrick Guinand arrivando a firmare regie teatrali prodotto da Francesco Bellomo.

Chiusa la parentesi teatrale, inizia dunque una carriera televisiva come regista di documentari televisivi per la Lux Vide, e insegna "regia e montaggio" alla facoltà di comunicazione istituzionale dell'università della Santa Croce in Roma. Si specializza in seguito in video musicali e campagne promozionali pubblicitarie per enti no profit internazionali.

Al momento Manuel lavora con varie produzioni cinematografiche italiane ed estere scrivendo e vendendo sceneggiature.

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