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Stylianos Papardelas was born in Larisa and grew up in Heraklion Crete. He started taking photographs in 2006 when he bought his first dslr camera and started taking lessons at the hellenic photographic society of Crete. Soon he realized, if he wanted to become better, he would have to listen and learn from a variety of people about photography. In February of 2007 he joined the photographic society of university of Crete (F.O.P.K).The kind of photography that interests him is mostly “street and travel photography”. He likes to think that photography is his excuse to travel around the world.

Currently he is in South America working for the travel website “The world of Ronah” (

“Photography is a journey to me, a Journey through countries, cultures, smells and voices. I like to listen to stories, play with kids, I like to smoke with people I don’t know and laugh, laugh a lot!”

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