Jim Farrell

Phoenix, Az.

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Network news / sports tv cameraman and business owner in Phoenix Az.

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  1. Landscapes Volume 3 is again the compilation of over a year of photography and many trips to distant locals. Dustin has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this last part of landscapes (ask him about Iceland and our Red Epic). A lot of you know…
  2. Of course Dustin knows this and we are working on finding other soundtracks for all of his work. Finding the right soundtrack is not that easy and I doubt it will be free.
  3. Spectacular images...great work.
  4. Where do I send the check?
  5. Answering your email.....Well in that case it was brilliant! I starting checking out Vimeo after my son Dustin starting doing time lapses. Most of what I shoot ends up on network television in the US, so it's not actually Vimeo worthy. My son gets…
  6. Camille, great photograghy work with the 5D...but what did I just watch? I missed the story.