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Christian Bernal was born in Barcelona . He studied Cinematographic and Audio-Visual arts, at the same time participating in many films and cinematographic projects. He finished off his studies at the NYFA in New York.

In 1999 he shot his first short in 16 mm as Director of Photography. He then embarked on a series of shorts, including ¨Conversation¨ by Marta Duran and ¨Consuelo¨ by Alex Casanovas. Both shorts won awards for cinematography and script.

In 2001 he shot his first feature film directed by Antoni Ribas. He also began shooting music videos, incluiding ¨Refree¨, ¨The unfinished sympati¨, ¨Monica Green¨ and ¨Capsula¨, amongst others. More recently he has begun shooting high-budget commercials, including of a campaign for Subaro automóviles in 2006, ¨La Caixa¨, ¨La Lechera¨, amongst others.

At the same time participating in many photographic Works-

Christian Bernal is an asóciate member of the A.E.C. As a cienematographer, he is interested in setting himself artistic as well as technical challenges. His ideal shot is one that speaks for itself, which through its expressiveness moves the audience and compliments the Picture by underpinning its essence and development.


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