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I'm a single lady in her mid 30. I love soap operas, Classic tv from the 60's to early 2000, I hate todays Tv shows it does nothing for me, AND I TOTALLY HATE REALITY TV ( SEEING PEOPLE MAKING $$$$$$$ TO AIR THERE LIFE ON TV) SORRY NOT MY CUP OF TEA!!!!!! Never been married no kids! My 4 kids are my cats, Names The black & white on in my photo is Mittensliberty who was borne on July 4, 2005, The long hair black one Is Sabrina Lucky who was BELIEVE it or NOT was bourn on Friday the 13 September 2007, The little gray & white one name is Bootsie Stilletto her back paws are white and shape like boots and there is a gray stripes on both back paws look like she is wearing Stilletto heels, The last one all grey and the only male name is Sir.Sebastian Sebastian and Boostie are brother and sister and I adopted them at a non-kill shelter I volunteer at they were born oct,312007. I'm looking to meet people on animals pages or soap pages, or mainly anything……..


  1. Feelgood Scene Film and TV