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EN MASSE is an ongoing project, that under the direction of Jason Botkin, brings together emerging Montreal artists drawn from the diverse fields of the ‘high’ and ‘low’ brow arts (the later including graffiti, alternative comics and illustration). Through a continuing series of event-based ‘live’ projects, Botkin mobilizes groups of to create highly spontaneous, collaborative, large-scale black-and-white murals and public drawing installations.

The EN MASSE mandate is twofold; firstly, to increase the visibility and marketability of Montreal’s new young artists, both collectively and as individuals, and secondly, to foster community-oriented art events/programming, built upon a specific form of collaborative interaction and immersion between the chosen artists. Our events are greatly enhanced through partnerships with a wide range arts/educational organizations (ie Art Pop Montreal, English Montreal School Board, Montreal Jazz Festival, various galleries, etc), and the public.

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