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Film inspired hand screen printed apparel and poster artwork.

Last Exit to Nowhere is a small collective of like-minded film enthusiasts, designers, illustrators, screenprinters and photographers, first established in 2007. We collaborate to create unique hand screen printed T-shirts that pay homage to the most memorable places, corporations and characters in cinema history.

We’ve had the privilege to have been asked to work on a number of commissioned designs over the years, including projects for Pixar, Universal Studios, StudioCanal, Big Talk Productions, WarpFilms and Rook Films to name just a few. If you’re in the film industry and would like us to be involved with your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

“The most consistently inventive T-shirt shop out there, Last Exit remains our first port of call for all subtly movie-centric gear.” Empire

“The shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere are for the true movie geeks out there. The epitome of esoteric, these references can only be spotted by the sharpest of movie fans and create an unspoken bond between the wearer and the person envying the wearer for wearing such a cool shirt.”

“How did I not know about this film-themed online t-shirt shop before? I require one of each immediately.” Xeni Jardin

“Very cool shirts!” Duncan Jones

“Incredibly cool t-shirts. Genius” James White, Barbican Film

“For my birthday last year, Steve Pemberton got me a Thorn Industries t shirt. It’s inspired! Thank you for creating it to wear!” Reece Shearsmith

“For those who find wearing the title of their favourite movie just a little too obvious, Last Exit to Nowhere provide the cool/uber-nerdy alternative of sporting a logo associated with your choice flick.” Empire

“Great designs, great ideas, high quality shirts. Brilliant!” – John Knoll, Visual Effects Supervisor – Industrial Light & Magic

“A one-stop shop for everything movie cool!”
Total Film

“Only a true fan would be attentive enough to the fake brand’s imaginary world to pick up on the reference.” New York Times

“Anyone can wear a shirt bearing the name of their favourite film, but these shirts go way beyond that.” Wired

“Imaginative, subtle and unashamedly nerdy. A movie geek’s Mecca.” Little White Lies

“For serious movie geeks, these shirts are esoteric in the coolest possible way.” Irish Times

“Designed especially for movie fans wanting something that cuts a little bit deeper.”
Rip It Up Magazine

“A movie geek’s oasis” Andrew Stanton

“Film buffs are just as obsessed as sports fanatics, but they have fewer accepted ways to show their love. Luckily, Last Exit to Nowhere understands both the urge to represent and the need for discretion.” Playboy

“Clever and industrious. Very cool indeed.”
Simon Pegg

“I’m a huge fan of Last Exit to Nowhere. By huge fan, I mean that I am delighted to wear a semi-secret message on my chest that identifies me as part of the geek conspiracy to take over the world.” Sam Witwer

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