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Welcome! Vimeo is where I put my more polished vids, if you're interested in my scrapbook I upload more at

Until recently I've been doing a part time PhD about improvising with polyrhythms and phased rhythms but it's on hold for lack of funds. In some senses this is for the best as it's loosened me to focus on my projects including modular synths, performance, musical machines (you'll find lots of LEGO ones here!) and installation work. My core ideas are still pushing through so it's been a useful reflective period.

My studies are converging on a sort of Reich/jazz/tech fusion, basically ways of jamming with complex rhythm whilst not falling into the traps of structure in performance. This is driven in part by existing research in cognition so I'm looking to shuffle around my studies to suit this. I'm presently looking to develop relations with institutions in this area.

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