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He has already made more than 400 videos.
In HIP HOP, R’N’B, POP, ELECTRO, ROCK and WORLD MUSIC. He is only 35 and already has a ten-year career behind him in the video making industry. DAVID POUCET… This name might not sound familiar to you but he is the master of video editing in Paris… Thanks to his skills he worked with the biggest stars in the French music industry. He developed his own style and sense of the rhythm, fitting himself to any musical genre. HIS CAREER In 1997, after a 2 year degree in audiovisuals, David watches the video « Lucie » by Pascal Obispo. This very video triggered something in his mind: He will be a video editor. In 1998, he meets Skwall. At that time, Skwall was one of the references within the hip-hop video making industry in France. The 2 men got along pretty well and David became the editor at Fokal production, where he edited a hundred videos. Then David worked among the biggest video productions in Paris and surrounded himself with the best directors in Paris like JG Biggs, Raphael IV, Thierry Vergnes, Karim Ouaret, Armen, etc … Today, David knows everything about AVID and Final cut pro cutting tables. As a man, David hasn’t let it go to his head. He is a nice guy, very patient and discreet, who has created bonds of friendship with the directors and artists he has worked with. Today, David’s main ambition is to conquest the productions across the Atlantic, work with famous and skilled directors such as Hype Williams, Diane Martel, Dave Myers,Chris Robinson, Melina, Benny Boom,Ray kay,Anthony Mandler to name a few, and introduce them to his French touch!.

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