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Vancouver, BC

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I prefer an open mind to a coinciding one. "Some of my beliefs will be mistaken" is the sole belief I hold with certitude. I avoid undue praise for principles in abstraction, for fear I might neglect those principles in action.

I am a software engineer who also studied philosophy (dual bachelor's degrees). These days I tend to think lots about religion, the ethics of food, politics and human sexuality. I'm interested in social justice, feminism, and language. I wonder about the interplay between emotions and reason. I'm a student of pragmatism. I enjoy exploring what counts as truth or knowledge. I coach chess, develop web applications. My interests are mental health and science advocacy. I'm an apostate Ex-Bahá'í.

I was born on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the second of three sons to traditional Iranian parents. I love animals, and I love sustainability. I'm a happy vegan.

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