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The DV Crew have long had an affinity with music and fashion, fusing together a love of music blogging, DJing, photography and interviewing music artists, whilst traveling to music festivals around the globe.

With the creation of Delinquent Valley the crew continue to bring their passion for music and fashion together in a number of edgy and quirky fashion shoots and graphic tees.

Select list of music & fashion publications, labels, festivals & clubs include:
Contiki,, Pulse Radio, Mixmag, Pagesdigital [Groupie],
AFR Magazine [fashion editorial]
L'Allure Des Mots, Dangerfield,
Pulp Kitchen, Via Alley, Cafe Culture, Mastercard Balaton Sound, Sziget Festival, Summadayze, Future Music, Parklife, Field Day & Chinese Laundry.

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