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I am Sacha Berman, student of the School of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands and I am a documentary director. I just started my graduation year.

Before I started on the School of Arts, I traveled one year in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ecuador (Galapagos) to do volunteer work with young children. When I was younger I had already the affinity with foreign countries and I wanted to make a combination between my two biggest passions. Telling stories with film and travel around the world. After I came home from a very interesting journey I did what I always knew. Making movies on the School of Arts. Telling human interest stories. And telling the world what I think what is necessary.

As a documentary maker I want to hear stories and see people. So I am open for new subjects and interesting people!


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  2. Camille Parthesius
  3. Dylan Nooij
  4. Jelle Helwig
  5. Thom
  6. Wolfram Friele
  7. Jilles van Kleef
  8. Iris Groot
  9. Juan
  10. Suzanne Witteman
  11. Lianda Tel

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