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Twenty five years as a cameraman initially a camera assistant / focus puller / loader.... hell that's almost a life sentence. It's been great and I feel immensely privileged to have started on film great days unfortunately for me it's now all electronic and if whatever box of tricks i am using goes wrong don't look at me I'm strictly wood and string!

It's taken me a long time to join this site but all these fresh new ideas exciting new products reminds me of my early days of fresh faced excitement experimenting with photography at college. Now where do I start !

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  1. tudor evans commented on Pete
    Another beautifully crafted doc Matt with a powerful message.If only the main stream boys and girls of the BBC and C4 etc would allow filmmakers the freedom to create rather than the straight jacket approach to tv we have at the moment.
  2. tudor evans commented on Richard
    Great set of films stylish, informative and entertaining! All boxes ticked great job well done.
  3. Very nice the perfect shoot to show the C300's strengths.
  4. Blown away! Guts, commitment, dedication and balls, hats off to you and from someone who started his working life working with film I'm immensely jealous.
  5. Good idea I had a fun day out at the Cardiff get together more of the same please