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Ellie Walton is a filmmaker and educator, dedicated to building and sharing intimate stories and surprising perspectives. Since 2002, she has directed and produced a range of radio and video documentaries, from an ex-guerrilla radio station in Guatemala to prisons in London, from Scotland to her hometown of Washington, DC. For Ellie, storytelling is a transformational act which has the capacity to validate our unique personal experiences while also revealing what we all share in common – large issues made accessible through the beauty and playfulness of human portraits. Key to her process is the deep engagement with the community which she is not only documenting but also collaborating with. This participatory method draws from her ongoing experience facilitating radio and video workshops with incarcerated youth, day laborers, and young people. Ellie believes that art as a whole, and film in particular, has the power to reveal injustice, celebrate our humanity, transform perspectives and make a better future irresistible.

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